Wednesday, 17 September 2014 10:56

Even more excitement!

Campaigns to promote new products have many different revelations. Some focus on a joke, others on how to best show the advantages of the promoted product. However, what Volvo has been concentrating on over a number of years, is the element of surprise. You have to admit it - this certainly is a trick that still works!

So, what is Volvo preparing for us this time? For the time being, this is a great mystery - for now, the fans of this car brand can enjoy this video showing the preparations for a great movie scene, which we will already be able to see on the 24th of September.
At this moment in time, we can definitely assume, that something major is about to happen - after all, it is not as if there is no reason why Oscar-nominated director Henry Alex Rubin was hired to shoot this series of spots. When combined with the intriguing title "The Casino" and a number of mounted hidden cameras, we can be sure that once again there will be a lot happening on your screen. Will it be at the level of Jean-Claude Van Damme and his famous splits between two Volvo trucks? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is that we will have to wait those few days to find out.
Until then, we encourage you to watch the following trailer with preparations for the new campaign. And if you do not want to miss the premiere, subscribe to the Volvo channel on Youtube!


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