Wednesday, 27 November 2013 08:49

Hyundai - sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2014!


In just one year’s time, in Brazil, the next great football event will begin. The FIFA World Cup 2014 consists of several days of growing emotions, starting from the matches in the group phase right up to the major clash of the two best football teams in the world. But who is supporting such a great football event?

The FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil could not do without its most important sponsor. The Hyundai Corporation has been supporting all of FIFAs athletic ventures for over ten years, helping out by means of co-organization. If it seems to you that the help of the Corporation is simply about providing expensive cars for the football players concerned, then you are very wrong. Special football supporters’ zones with giant screens in them, barriers to protect the public (with Hyundai logos hung up) and, most importantly - special prizes for young football players (The Hyundai Best Young Player Award). These are the elements which can let the emotions of the supporters reach their zenith during the matches. So remember - no sports event has ever taken place without a sponsor. Thanks to Hyundai, next year we will be able to cheer for teams from around the world during their fight for the title of the best football team on Earth!