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How To Prepare Your Car For winter?

During this period, car maintenance becomes more demanding. Did you know that the battery can freeze and can crack, so the heater if it is not enough antifreeze in the water? What happens to the windscreen washer system if it is not protected from freezing temperatures? Many have learned this in the hard way.

The first step is the provision of winter tires, and of course, snow chains. Replacing summer tires to winter tires is just as important as changing the antifreeze. Change the summer tires with winter tires. Do this as soon as possible because at temperatures below 7 degrees summer tires lose their adhesion properties. If you allow only two winter tires, mount them on the deck tractors, but beware - the dynamic cornering car will be harder to control. If you already have antifreeze, but it is two years old, then it should be changed. The passage of time affects the freezing point of the mixture. Antifreeze is necessary even at positive temperatures; it protects against rust corrosion and increases the boiling point of the coolant. Windshield washer fluid should be replaced preferably with a product specifically designed and approved to be adapted to winter conditions, with freezing temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius. If you take heed to these tips your car definitely will not be as cold, frozen or snow covered.


Thoroughly clean windows inside because accumulated dust in summer will cause their rapid fogging. Lubricate seals with silicone spray so it will open easily in any weather. Check the air conditioning and heating system and rearview mirrors, because you'll use to easily demist the windows.

Check windshield wipers and sprayers, it is very important not to be worn wipers and sprinklers to be sloppy. Use solutions that not freeze or if you can afford buy some products that help with windscreen defrosting.

Check the battery if it is properly charged, you do not want to have problems with your car in the cold morning rushing to work or on a date.

In winter, the car has many electric consumers. This in conjunction with very low temperatures can cause premature discharge of the battery. Do not wait for the battery to die because you will not be able to use it by recharging. At a car revision you can check if there are hidden consumers and if the alternator is working properly. Always you have to take with you some cables and a rectifier.

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