Tuesday, 30 September 2014 14:10

Lexus’s new experiments


What is the essence of the car? Speed? Security? Well, also...however, the most important thing, is that you can move anywhere you like. It is the idea of motion that has made the car such a popular mode of transportation. Thanks to this we can move more quickly, and without the tiredness experienced by our ancestors. No wonder therefore, that movement has been the fascination of car manufacturers. 


Movement is not just the domain of vehicles, but also of all living organisms. Complex systems of muscles, bones and joints enable us to execute arbitrary sequences of movements, so that we can function normally. Lexus has decided to study this phenomenon in its own unique way.
One of its experiments has been to investigate how a human being moves. For this purpose the strobe effect was used in stationary objects which appear to be moving. This effect was achieved by a sequence of lights on models being switched on and off. With advanced technology, Lexus could trace the walk of Lightman, who ended up performing a daring jump from the top of a skyscraper to the roof of the brand new Lexus.

All these works of art were made in order to better understand what motion is, and thus - how to make new cars even more dynamic and react to feedback, just like living creatures. The whole set of experiments was of course created with the consumer in mind.
Want to know more about Lexus’s experiments? Click on the video!