Friday, 08 May 2015 20:05

Feeling good with Volvo

Do you remember the song "Addicted to You" by Avicii and Audra Mae? This song still conquers the hearts of music lovers. Perhaps soon you'll hear another hit from this duo. And all thanks to... Volvo.

Volvo Cars decided to collaborate with the famous Swedish DJ and music producer Avicii in their new campaign. The musician faced a big challenge - to create a new version of "Feeling Good" in cooperation with the unforgettable Audra Mae. What will be the outcome of this collaboration? You'll find out soon enough, thanks to Volvo!

Avicii approached this project with great enthusiasm. He was particularly excited to reunite with Mae, who has a strong and beautiful voice. And given the scale of the Volvo campaign, we can expect that not only the soundtrack will be a knockout.

Volvo Cars Group is a company operating since 1927. Today it’s one of the most famous producers of passenger cars and trucks in the world. Their cars are appealing to drivers all over the world, mainly due to their polished appearance and high safety standards. In short - perfect cars, tailored to the needs of even the most capricious customers.

Do you want to find out what Volvo has prepared this time? Click on the video and see for yourself!