Thursday, 09 May 2013 09:53

The perfect way to perfect skin.

There are various ways of making us, women, feel beautiful- whether it is colourful makeup, certain cosmetics or skin treatments. It is a well-known fact that every woman wants to look her best. For years, Dr LeWinn’s has provided women with innovative products for every type of skin or skin problem. Dr Lewinn’s main aim has always been to make every woman in the world look perfect.
Now, Dr LeWinn’s has launched her new cosmetics range called ‘ Skin Perfect’, which are not just simply used cover the problems on the surface, but also to make your skin feel and look younger. It is now the time, to experience something new- something that will make your biggest imperfections completely disappear.
However, good or expensive cosmetics are not enough- you need to know how to choose the right make-up for your skin, the right tone of make-up and more importantly, how to apply it on your skin. Dr LeWinn’s is aware that not everyone knows how to choose the right tone of makeup, or how to apply it properly so it looks natural. This is why she created a short video, which gives you fantastic tips on getting your makeup perfect.
Firstly, Dr LeWinn’s says that you have to choose the right colour of the foundation, so it does not harm your look. If you choose too bright or too dark shade of foundation, it may make your face look like you have a mask on, or, you have been using fake tan- and this is something that we all should avoid doing. But the question is - how do you know which base is perfect for you?
First of all, you need to test three different shades of foundation (the one which you think will be ideal for your skin, a shade lighter and a shade darker), you then need to apply it on your jawline to see which one suits your skin colour the best. Just remember that trying it on your hand is not the answer, as the skin on your hand is completely different colour to your face skin.
Dr Lewinn’s argues that by applying the foundation to your jawline, you will be able to see if the colour suits you and if it is not much different than the colour of your neck. Otherwise, you will most probably choose the wrong colour and end up having the undesired orange or fake look.
Once you decide which colour suits you the most, you can try applying it on your face. The best way to apply this foundation is by using a professional makeup brush, not your fingers. The professional brush will help you to apply the makeup properly, without any patches or imperfections. You do not have to put a lot of foundation on – if you want to hide your imperfections, you should also use a makeup primer, which will help you to hide anything that needs to be hidden!
And if you would like to give your face even more perfection, use an appropriate bronzer, blusher and cheek glow, which will improve the contour of your face and make you look even more beautiful.
If it all sounds like it is too much for you, check out the video and see how easy it is to get the perfect look!