Tuesday, 06 August 2013 22:18

Fantastic choise perfume for women

Women’s love perfumes and so perfumes are specially formulated to work with a woman's natural scent. In the world of perfume there are many outstanding fragrances that are specially meant for women. Perfumes have a wide array of scents that invoke different feelings and memories and can help to set the mood for almost any occasion.  Perfume has the ability to make a woman feel sweet and sexy, alluring and attractive, fun and flamboyant or mysterious and majestic
depending on the aroma of the blend. Women’s are often brand conscious about their clothes, similar is the case with perfumes. Some women are so specific about their brand of perfume that they prefer to stick to one brand and even one type of fragrance. Everyone prefers to move along with the latest and the new trend prevailing in the market according to the budget suiting their pocket. There are many branded perfumes that have made its place in the market and amongst people. Few of them are brands like Armani, Hugo Boss, Azure, Davidoff and many more can be found in the top list.

Perfume the varieties of perfumes right from the cheap perfumes to the expensive branded are ruling the fragrance market specially meant for women. People these days use them more as they give a freshness which is a basic requirement in the hectic and stressful schedule of people in their day to day life.

Perfume lovers are found all over the world but women population of perfume lovers is more than that of man. Popular perfumes are often marketed according to women's distinctive tastes which are not always that easy to determine since one fragrance doesn't suit all. The perfume at its best and well known for its soft colors and fragrance eternal is to be preferred. Some women perfumes are floral and female.

In India too there is a huge market specially meant for women keeping in mind their taste and culture. The Indian Fragrance Industry, is growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40 per cent, is likely to reach a figure of Rs 10000 corer by the year 2015.In the remote town of Kanauji, the perfume capital of India, traditional workers are struggling to keep their craft alive in the face of fierce competition from modern fragrance makers. Each morning local farmers near Kanauji pluck bagfuls of rose, jasmine and other petals and deliver them to the nearby perfume distilleries dotting this sleepy town. In a process that can take days to complete, the flowers are mixed with water and heated in the copper pots. The aromatic steam is then transferred via a bamboo pipe to a receptacle containing sandalwood oil which acts as the base for the attar.

Women’s are also passionate about their perfume bottles they have. Perfumes are an essential part of women’s fashion. They like a broad range of special fragrance perfumes and also they are crazy for the attractive perfume bottles. Various designs of perfume bottles are available in the world market especially for women. There are thousands of perfume companies only producing various kinds of perfumes for women only and that too divers moods as well as for distinct instances of the day. As online shopping and internet shops are growing, women’s get extensive catalogue of perfumes online.

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