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Glamour, cigarettes that you must take with you on the road to successs

Glamour cigarettes this is a lady's light cigarettes in handy package. The basic cigarette formats are lights and superlights. Stylish flavored cigarettes have original taste, beautiful design and a relatively low cost. Manufacturer - the company Gallaher Liggett-Ducat (owner of the brand JTI), Glamour is positioned in the market as cigarettes for successful

tender women. They cost almost a half price of the most fashionable women's cigarettes Vogue, so they don't belong to the class of elite cigarettes. But Glamour has special qualities that for many buyers seem to be important, so the popularity of Glamour brand is growing rapidly.
One of the specific features of Glamour cigarettes is it's functional and comfortable pack (GLAMOUR SUPER SLIMS MENTHOL AROMA), it fits easily in a handbag and don't take much space. On the other hand, can be mentioned Glamour cigarettes specific taste. Light tobacco is hardly distinguished by its flavor in cigarettes, but the use of different flavors in the manufacture of this cigarettes make them truly original. They can be smoked as often as you want, enjoing a mild taste and aroma.

Is widely known the advertising slogan of this cigarette brand - "Glamour. A bright detail". And Indeed, Glamour packages looks very bright and is rich in soft hues. The most popular brand is Glamour - Glamour Lilac, Glamour Amber, and of course, cigarettes in original package, Glamour Superslims Pinks and Glamour Superslims Menthol. History of cigarettes Glamour starts in 2005. Then the company JTI, the manufacturer of LD, Sobranie, Camel, Winston, etc. cigarettes launched the first batch of cigarettes Glamour. The manufacturers didn't make a strong advertising support to this new born brand, but it still became popular. During two years it has become widely known in 17 different countries in Europe. Cigarettes Glamour are loved by consumers and the rate on the originality of packaging had also a big success.

Today Glamour brand is known without any advertising, and cigarettes of this brand are sold very well. Because they have a more reasonable cost in comparison with other popular women's cigarettes, a successful market positioning, memorable, eye-catching cigarette design and interesting package, plus high quality flavors and almost imperceptible very light tobacco - all these advantages couldn't go unnoticed and become a strong advantage of Glamour cigarettes. Marquiz Lili

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