Traditional methods of increasing site traffic are increasingly unreliable and provide more stress than satisfaction to the owners of all types of sites, especially webstores and sites that rely on ad revenue. The solution to this problem may be easier than it is assumed, meaning a new tool in the form of web push notifications which for now is proving itself surprisingly effective.

In today’s world, everything is possible thanks to innovative technologies developed in specialised laboratories and by manufacturing companies. However, before a particular technology is put into practice, it must be tested. The creation of prototypes is a very important part of the whole process of implementing a technology or a new product, so it is crucial that the components are perfectly executed. This is where small series production comes in useful.

Economic development is directly related to the constant increase in the quantity of information that needs to be processed in different companies. As a result, it is necessary not only to store this data, but also to be able to quickly find it in various external locations and actively process it. The perfect answer to these needs is Big Data.

New models of laptops appear on the market almost every day. Manufacturers equip them with solutions based on the latest technologies which increase the comfort of work and provide the opportunity to create wonders on the computer. However, most laptops are protected by a very delicate case and such equipment is usually suitable only for use indoors, and, despite their mobility, it is best if you don’t move them at all. What if you need a device that is fully mobile, resistant to mechanical damage, and enables comfortable work in different configurations?

Is there a chance for really great jobs in Poland? And is it easy to get one, if you are a foreigner? Let’s check.

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