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Save and win with ING DIRECT!

Would you want to win $10 000? Is there a person that would not want to win this much money? All you have to do is take part in the competition organised by ING DIECT and show the whole world how you save money. Pretty simple, so what are you waiting for?
ING DIRECT has announced a competition for the Superstar Saver, which is the title that will be given to the person who has the most creative and unusual way of saving money.
To enter the contest, all you need to do is, to create a short film which shows how to save your own money.

By saving money, we do not just mean putting your pennies into a saving jar, we want you to show us how creative and unique your way is. The example for a creative saving is for example, stocking up products when they are on sale or selling your clothes to other people. These examples may not be as unique, but are very simple ways of saving, or in fact making money. Once you create our video, simply enter it on the website and hope that your saving technique will win you $10 000!

Superstar Saver will choose ten of the most interesting and creative ways of saving money, which will be entered into the second stage of the competition, during which the clips will be shared and people from across Canada will be able to vote for the best video clips.

Do you think that this game is not worth your time? Then imagine that the person who wins the first place will have ISA account at ING DIRECT and $10 000 paid into their account. The person who wins the second place, will also receive ISA account with $3000 and the third prize will receive $2000.

Do you not have an idea of how to make the video? Then the help can be found in the video created by the band ‘Walk Off The Earth’, which presents their ways of save money.

More details about the competition and tips can be found on following website:


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