Sunday, 07 July 2013 10:44

ABBY FlexiCapture Helps Businesses Save Time and Money

Irvine, Orange County, California, July 2, 2013 –Documents are a necessary item when it involves business, and more and more, paper records are disappearing and everything is transferred to digital data. ABBYY is a company that creates technology that makes it possible to transform information for businesses and personal needs from paper to computer applications. This technology can be data capture, OCR or even linguistic adaptations.  Most businesses rely on
different technical machines to keep business going on a daily basis and to get the job done. Many could not function without it. As the matter of how it works, it is an afterthought, as long as it works. ABBYY FlexiCapture is the company that brings all the data capture and document processing software to life and keeps it running.

This service automates paper documentation to data, where it keeps all documentation organized. For instance, if the business is a medical office, ABBYY FlexiCapture can now set up those paper medical records to now become digitally automated records.

When a business applies automated data capture it can cut labor, in regards to key entry by half. Automated data entry, opposed to manually by a human, can improve the turnaround time. What is data capture? Processing invoicesdocumentation, such as invoices faster because they are automated records in a computer or automated device.

Hiring more personnel to do data entry can be costly with the salaries, training time and accuracy. With data capture software, this enables the software to learn how to input the data based on the more documents it processes with small adjustments made. Another words, it can be told what information it is looking for, pull that information of a document, and put it where it needs to go. It is more accurate than human entry too.

A business depends on documentation, but it can run a lot faster and more efficiently if paper files and images are converted to data files. This can include data entry information, document separation, and classifying. Examples might be tax forms, health insurance claim forms. This software will develop a layout that will take the same information from a document, analyze it, identify it and put it where it should go.

If mobile data capture is something important for the business too, ABBY, has a solution for that area too. They can take a mobile device and turn the data that is captured from the camera on that device and create it to be an entry point for data input. In turn, this allows customers to be able to allow their customers to do business with them via their smart devices, such as using a barcode scanner.

Business are moving fast into the 21st century and transferring their records over to their computers. If that’s the case, ABBYY FlexiCapture Tallega is the company to call to help this transition go smooth with ABBYY FlexiCapture. They will help create server based software to convert all the paper documents and document images into electronic text that can be searched when dealing with archiving, enterprise search, and e-discovery. This server can provide just the right tools to make any business run efficiently and effectively. This can include machine printed text (OCR), barcodes (OBR), photo image technology for text from driver’s licenses, receipts, and any other semi-structured or structured documents.