Thursday, 19 December 2013 22:27

Soccer Strategies

Do you know what NATO and football have in common? No? Well then think carefully. In both cases, you must consider your strategy sensibly - how much attack and how much defense should be in your actions. All this, is done to succeed.

Why this unusual metaphor? Well, NATO has decided to reach out to a wider audience and in a simple way show what it’s currently working on. To achieve this, NATO Review Magazine has changed its form slightly and, abandoning its dry reports about planned activities, has implemented a system where simple information is presented in videos. Contrary to how it seems, the same old fight against terrorism is not to be found among NATO’s current problems - the organization is also interested in issues such as the problem of unemployment , demographic changes in enterprises or constantly expanding globalization. Does this sound like a school textbook to you? Well, despite how it may sound, by clicking on the articles you can find out what it’s all about very easily. Also, you will be able to learn what the biggest defense threat will be in the upcoming decade.
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