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Seeking Out the Best Attractions of Prague

Your transfers to Prague will take you past plenty of great attractions – but which are the best? Let's see if you agree with our list. Any visitor can get a mini-tour of the city even before arriving at their accommodation, simply by looking out the window of the transfers to Prague.

It's a great idea to use this time to get the lay of the land and perhaps even spot some of the main highlights, before returning to explore them on foot.


The city is certainly not short of major attractions, so we've listed a few that you may see from the window of your transfers to Prague that are considered among the best.

Charles Bridge

This amazing bridge used to be built from wood. One devastating flood put paid to that version and, eventually, it was transformed into the famous incarnation of the Charles Bridge that greets visitors from all over the world today. One of the best things about it is that is it entirely traffic free, so you can enjoy wandering along the cobbles and perhaps imagine what it was once like when the tram services used it.

Wenceslas Square

Your transfers to Prague may take you through this square, affording you a quick look at it as you pass by. However, once you've settled in to your accommodation you can take some more time to explore Wenceslas Square on foot. Some people elect to stay near here, but even if you stay elsewhere in the city you can visit the square to explore the many restaurants and bars doing a roaring trade. Don’t be fooled when you arrive, though, since the square is not really a square at all! It is actually a strip hundreds of metres long.

The Castle

No trip to the city would be complete without a visit to this amazing castle. It is home to the President of the Czech Republic, and is centuries old - having been constructed way back in the 9th century. There is a good chance you will see the castle on your transfers to Prague since it sits in a lofty position looking over the city and the nearby Charles Bridge. (If you visit the bridge, be sure to take some pictures of the castle from that vantage.) The castle has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status, thus ensuring its survival and care for many more centuries as well. It's a great idea to take a guided tourFree Reprint Articles, as there is much to learn about its history.

As you can see there are some amazing experiences awaiting you in this lovely city. Which highlight will you choose to see first?

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