Saturday, 04 January 2014 15:29

Safety first!


You are asleep. Suddenly the sound of the alarm clock gets to you. You already know that there is no getting away from it, you have to get up and start a new day; make the breakfast, fight with the children to ensure they eat at least one piece of toast, battle for the bathroom... and in all this you still need to remember to have everything done on time.


Looking at the scene that has just been described it is hardly surprising that we often forget about safety. When you are aware that at any moment your child could be late for school, or you are late for work or for a very important meeting, you do not think about relieving or avoiding risks. That is why it is worth having good insurance from Allianz. In this way you can protect yourself and others from haste, stress and a common lack of attention. Why bother thinking about this? The reason suggested by this video promoting Allianz is the same - every day hundreds of children are dropped off to school by their parents. If we also throw in people hurrying to work, broken down buses paving the streets and dim lighting, we're faced with a pretty difficult situation on the road. A situation, which poses danger. So take care of yourself and your family. Insure yourself with Allianz!