Tuesday, 07 October 2014 10:57

Winter is not so bad!

If you do not like to drive in the winter, then you belong to the majority of drivers. Adverse weather conditions, an increased risk of road accidents and above all, slippery surfaces effectively discourage us from taking winter trips. How can this be fixed?

Michelin has decided to overthrow some basic myths associated with driving the car in the winter. It turns out that many drivers do not really know why it is harder to drive a car in winter.
Firstly - it is not the snow which is our greatest enemy, but temperature. Frost makes the tyres lose traction, so they are less flexible, making it easier for the car to slide. Secondly - changing to winter tyres too late. It seems to us that we only have to put winter tyres on when the first snow falls. But we forget about the temperature and the wet roadway, on which frost or fog can leave various deposits. Thirdly - the countryside is actually safer to drive in, than the city. Why? Because fresh layers of undisturbed snow do not create mud which can freeze over. And in addition to this, when there are no ruts in the snow, it makes it easier to drive through. Fourthly - even if you rarely drive, you must change your tyres. Each trip by car with summer tyres in winter may land you in deep trouble. And the fifth point? Winter tyres slow you down. It’s true, but that is their basic function – they provide us with better grip and easier driving, at the expense of speed.
Want to learn more about winter tyres from Michelin? Click on the video!