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Create together with StoryHive


Would you like to create something on the internet? If so, then surely you know that the beginning are more difficult than you might think. At the time when you want to create something professional, you have to take considerable expenses into account, even if it just means purchasing a domain name and building a website. Where do you get the money from? 


The answer is StoryHive - a campaign created by TELUS, aimed at supporting young artists. StoryHive is also a platform for bringing together authors of web content, where you can share your ideas with others. This great community of developers means that not only can you conduct research about whether your idea will be accepted, but also to raise adequate funding and support.

Currently, the second edition of StoryHive has started, in which the greatest emphasis has been placed on the developers of web serials. Regardless of the level of sophistication and experience in the industry, each creator can take part in this campaign. The second edition consists of two stages. The first seeks to identify the top 30 artists who will have the opportunity to face each other in the second stage.

Why is it worth applying to StoryHive? The best creator and his idea will receive a grant of 50 thousand canadian dollars. This is a large amount, just enough to get your website or channel on Youtube up and running to full swing.

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