Wednesday, 26 November 2014 12:04

Gifteelings launches Ambassador programme

Gifteelings a social gifting site which made history by getting highest sales of the year in last month has launched Gifteelings Ambassador Campaign which is basically for the students, housewifes and professionals who want to earn extra income just by doing some simple tasks.

Gifteelings Ambasaddor programme is getting popular in young students as their Vice President has confirmed that they got more than 1000 inquiries around the glob in just 3 days and many more to come.

It is unique as well as very easy way to earn money all you need to have is your paypal id ready to get money in!

Gifteelings has launched this campaign in two ways



In premium gifteelings ambassador programme, users need to pay just 2 USD and they will get instant 3 USD in their account as well as lot many gifts and surprises.

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