Thursday, 02 April 2015 12:15

MetaValue form a procurement partnership with AdviseInc


Bring a holistic approach to help customers drive better value from their procurement spend, improve the service and sustain these improvements over timeMetaValue, service and efficiency improvement experts have today formed a partnership with procurement specialists AdviseInc. This partnership will provide customers a holistic approach to drive better value from their procurement spend, improve the service and sustain these improvements over time.


The partnership will start with a Procurement Transformation project for a large global charity. The two organisations will bring together their strengths and proven methodology to reduce costs and enhance the effectiveness of the procurement service, including introduction of standard processes, improved supplier relationships and introducing planning, governance and risk management frameworks to ensure improvements are sustained over time.

Research[1] indicates that only 4 in 10 change programmes deliver their efficiency targets in the first year. While those that do, see 90% of costs back at original levels by year 4. The key reason for such programmes not delivering value is the negative customer service impact that a pure cost-saving focus has, which is often exacerbated by demoralised staff.

MetaValue bring a proven approach in delivering improvements that start with the customer and are implemented in a manner that allows the organisation to focus on service effectiveness and cost efficiency at the same time, rather than one or the other. Combining this with AdviseInc’s procurement expertise and hands-on approach to provide actionable insight through comprehensive spend analysis tools and methodologies means customers can see real improvements very quickly and be able to embed these changes so they last.

Both MetaValue and AdviseInc have a strong track record working with public, private and third sector organisations including Generali, Agilisys, HTB Group, Cabinet Office, NHS Trusts, Department of Health, FCO, Department for Education and University of East London, among others.

Meeta Thareja, Director and Co-Founder, MetaValue said, “Our customers are increasingly looking at new ways of delivering improvements. Most importantly, we see a real shift to adopting approaches that make change stick in the long term. That we believe happens when you engage not only people at all levels in the organisation, but also your customers, suppliers and wider stakeholders. This ensures that improvement is not driven solely by a cost-cutting agenda, but one that puts customers and growth at its heart.”

Suzie Campbell, Director and Co-Founder, MetaValue added, “AdviseInc and MetaValue share the same ethos - delivering pragmatic solutions that can be embedded in our customers’organisations, so we can be defeated by our own success. We see a perfect fit here. We look forward to joining forces with AdviseInc and bringing a new way of driving success and delivering maximum value in procurement improvement initiatives.”

Mat Oram, Director and Co-Founder AdviseInc said, “The partnership creates a compelling solution for organisations that are looking to achieve the next level of growth or simply become more efficient at what they currently do. MetaValue and AdviseInc together combine years of procurement, commercial, change management and service improvement expertise as well as decades of experience in both delivery and leadership, meaning our customers get the most effective support at the best value.”


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