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Small series production

In today’s world, everything is possible thanks to innovative technologies developed in specialised laboratories and by manufacturing companies. However, before a particular technology is put into practice, it must be tested. The creation of prototypes is a very important part of the whole process of implementing a technology or a new product, so it is crucial that the components are perfectly executed. This is where small series production comes in useful.


Above all, it improves the cost-effectiveness of production. In the production process, several prototypes are created for the testing stage. The creation of several models allows for quick testing and the introduction of changes.

What else is worth knowing about small series production?

As mentioned before, such production can provide significant savings. In recent years, this industry has also changed. Previously, small series production involved the use of molds which were produced from the same material as the final product. However, such a solution involved the risk that some of the components could be different from the rest, and this in turn could have an impact on the final product and its functioning. The use of molds also involved the risk of losing valuable materials.

At present, more and more companies producing components for prototyping use 3D printing. This is a fully computerised solution which allows to create identical, perfectly finished items. 3D printing uses plastics, which are often much cheaper than the materials used in the final production process. This technology enables the creation of almost any shape, which means it can be applied in practically any industry, including for medical purposes. For more information on small series production and its applications, visit .


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