Friday, 04 August 2017 12:02

Why should you try out web push notifications?

Traditional methods of increasing site traffic are increasingly unreliable and provide more stress than satisfaction to the owners of all types of sites, especially webstores and sites that rely on ad revenue. The solution to this problem may be easier than it is assumed, meaning a new tool in the form of web push notifications which for now is proving itself surprisingly effective.

Web Push Notifications, meaning what?

Every internet user that regularly spends time on popular browsers on computers and mobile devices has had some form of contact with this tool. Web push are notifications, meaning short messages, that may come from a completely different website and appear from time to time, usually in a window at the bottom right corner. Their display is not accidental however, since the user has to give consent in order to receive them. For example, when visiting an online shop, a user may be asked if he wants to get notifications and if he does, such communications may appear when using that browser, even while visiting completely different websites. What’s in such notifications? In the case of a webstore, it may be quick information about new products or lowered prices. Clicking on the notification will link the user to the sender’s website, which is what’s it all about after all.

Advantages of using web push notifications

Web push notifications are a new channel of communication with your site’s users, which aims to entice them to visit your website more often. This means that it’s not a tool for acquiring completely new users. This tool more closely resembles traditional mailing, however in the case of notifications, we don’t need email addresses to send information to our users (we only need consent which is much easier to come by). Notifications work an all the most popular web browsers, on mobile devices as well. Their effectiveness is high, because as analysis show, they generate CTR on the level of 21%. Surely some of this is the result of how new this technology is, since it has been around for around 2 years. However, another very important fact is that these notifications are very short and hard to miss, that’s why there isn’t really a risk as in newsletters, that the information sent will not even reach the recipient. The user’s reaction to a notification is largely depended on the content itself.

Surely a big advantage of web push notifications is also that it’s a very simple tool, which can be implemented without much effort or financial investment at any moment and just as quickly given up if it doesn’t satisfy our expectations. What’s more, web push notifications can be tried for free on sites such as and only after the trial ends we can decide whether we want to fully adopt it.