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Looking for a business idea in the UK? Invest in tanning

veryone likes when their skin takes on a slightly golden colour. However, in the UK we don’t get too many sunny days. Therefore, if you are looking for a business idea in this country, one of the most interesting and lucrative ideas may be to open a salon with a solarium or spray tanning.


A solarium or spray tanning?

Solariums have been present on the market for a long time. They use UV radiation, which is not considered to be very safe for our skin. Therefore, it is recommended not to overuse this type of artificial tanning. It is much safer to use spray tanning, which is considered one of the safest methods.

After a good spray tanning treatment, the skin is properly moisturised and has a beautiful colour. A well-chosen spray tanning preparation will also not create dark spots and streaks which are characteristic of self-tanners. Spray tanning allows for even application of the product on the whole body.

One reason why it is gaining more and more supporters is that it takes a relatively short time. The tanning takes about 15 minutes. However, preparation for the procedure and drying the body add another few minutes. An additional advantage of the treatment is the tan’s durability. If we properly take care of our skin, there is a chance that the effect of the treatment will last for up to two weeks.

Own salon or a franchise?

There are many beauty salons on the market which offer similar services, so entering the market under a new brand can be difficult. Therefore, it is worth considering franchises. Currently, there is an increasing number of networks which offer the opportunity to use their brand’s reputation. For more information on the possibilities of opening a beauty salon offering spray tanning within a franchise, visit .


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