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The best lighting solutions for large and small enterprises

Both employees and employers know the importance of proper lighting in the workplace.

Silvair has created an innovative lighting management system which allows intuitive control of lighting throughout the office using a mobile device. What exactly is a Bluetooth lighting system?

Appropriate lighting has a direct impact on the quality of work

The quality and type of lighting significantly affect the efficiency and comfort of work. This has led to the introduction of regulations specifying what lighting should be used in production halls and offices. The current recommendations are available on the Internet, and non-compliance can result in serious penalties. So what should you pay attention to?

First of all, lighting should be a guarantee of safety in the workplace. It is also important that it does not strain the eyes of employees. The type of lighting should therefore be properly selected for the type of work and the employee's environment. For example, there should be no situation where an office worker’s desk is illuminated while the rest of the room is dark. The area should be illuminated evenly using general and spot lights. Adequate lighting can be obtained through the use of natural lighting. However, complementary artificial lights are also needed.

Intelligent industrial lighting systems

Modern, intelligent solutions are created for the needs of small and large enterprises to facilitate the planning and management of lighting arrangement in the workspace.

One of them is Bluetooth Mesh Lighting. Thanks to this wireless system, it is possible to easily configure and manage lighting in several rooms or a selected part of the premises. It is also possible to install a motion-responsive system whose operation can be easily monitored and controlled by phone or tablet.

Silvair offers highly advanced lighting control software. Lighting control and turning Silvair on and off is facilitated thanks to an intuitive application. You can easily control the lighting remotely. This lighting grid control system requires no specialist knowledge and can easily be used by anyone.

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