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Company calendar – a great way to advertise

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The world around us is full of aggressive advertisements, which is why effective marketing today does not have to be intrusive and loud.

Company calendars are a great way to effectively promote a brand, which is why more and more companies are choosing such marketing gadgets. What should you consider when choosing a company calendar?

Company calendars – what are the most popular types?

We usually associate company calendars with a large-format poster on which some graphics are printed, and at the bottom is a list of the twelve months. However, today's offer of company calendars is much broader.
The most popular company calendars today include:

  • three-section calendars – a type of calendar on which the months are divided into three sections. Thanks to this, such a calendar is especially useful for careful planning, as it shows the previous and the following month,
  • wall planner – is a great way to carefully plan and organize each day of the month. The wall planner acts as a calendar and organizer, which makes it especially useful in offices,
  • pyramid calendar – one of the most popular calendars. Due to its practical format, it is perfect for desks and helps to organize work. Both monthly and weekly versions are available,
  • letter calendar – this type of calendar is by far the most marketing-oriented due to its minimalist character. It is a practical advertisement which, in addition to promoting a given brand or company, can also be used as a practical mini-calendar that can be easily hidden in a wallet or purse,
  • desk pad with calendar – desk pads are a very practical gadget that act as an organizer, calendar and notepad. They are especially popular in large companies and corporations.

Why is a company calendar a good marketing gadget?

Calendars are something we sell almost every day. They are especially used by people who are careful planners and pay attention to the smallest details.  Accurate planning and creating a schedule for the day or week are an indispensable part of using a calendar. That is why company calendars are such a practical marketing gadget – thanks to their functionality, they evoke positive associations, which translates into subconscious association of a brand or company with something good and valuable.

Where can you print company calendars?

When choosing a company offering calendar printing, you should focus primarily on the quality of the offered calendars, as well as the diversity of the offer. stands out from its competitors thanks to its wide range of calendars, as well as its high print quality. This makes it an excellent choice for printing company calendars.