Friday, 26 September 2014 07:19

Clean energy from Shell

Melting glaciers. Increasing climate change. Depleted oil and natural gas reserves. This is not another trailer to an apocalyptic film that will soon enter the cinemas, but facts which more and more people are worried about. Instead of sitting unproductively, perhaps it’s worth considering some innovative solutions to these environmental problems?

We hear a lot in school and in the media about renewable energy sources. Among them we can find wind energy, tidal energy or energy obtained from nuclear reactions. However, none of these sources are efficient and clean enough to relieve Mother Nature. That is why Shell has decided to create a campaign which promotes an unusual approach to the subject of energy.
Original ideas, creative solutions, and above all cleanliness of the proposed sources - this is exactly what Shell is looking for. This is the line of reasoning along which Pele went – the well-known and legendary footballer, who came up with a simple and very interesting idea. He came to the conclusion, that you can capture the energy of footballers on the pitch as they play. Thanks to advanced technology we can easily convert kinetic energy into electrical energy for the floodlights illuminating the pitch. A simple, yet efficient and clean idea.
Want to learn more about Shell’s ‘Let's Go’ campaign? Click on the video!




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