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Rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries - an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution

In our homes, there are many appliances that require batteries. They frequently need to be replaced and disposed of, which is not environmentally friendly. However, there is a simple solution to this problem - replace disposable batteries with rechargeable batteries. This will not only help the environment, but will also generate savings and be more convenient.


Do higher prices result in savings?


Many people do not choose to replace disposable batteries with rechargeable batteries due to their higher price. It seems to be cheaper to spend small sums of money from time to time, rather than investment in more expensive equipment. However, you should realize that you will get a return on the money spent on rechargeable batteries very quickly. Even less-efficient rechargeable batteries can replace dozens of disposable batteries! It is worth investing in a set of good quality batteries and forget about expenses related to powering portable electronic devices for a long time.


Why are disposable batteries harmful to the environment?


Our civilization is growing at a dizzying pace. We constantly achieve new successes and more and more things that seemed unattainable become reality. Unfortunately, the problem of accumulating waste and the difficulty in their processing is destroying our planet.


Every year, over 300 million batteries are used. Over 90 percent of them are disposable batteries that we use without much thought. However, along with them, extremely harmful and toxic substances and elements enter the environment, for example lead, cadmium, nickel, mercury, lithium and manganese. They affect the degradation of the natural environment and consequently have a negative impact on human and animal health. There is a lot of effort put into fighting battery degradation by recycling them, but this is not an ideal solution. Many consumers still throw disposable batteries into ordinary garbage cans.


How to choose batteries and accessories


Any rechargeable battery is better than disposable batteries. However, it is worth paying attention to their parameters, especially the number of cycles of charging and the self-discharge factor, so that they serve as long as effectively as possible. Of course, you also have to purchase a charger together with the set of batteries. Chargers are often universal and enable the long-term use of batteries.


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