Friday, 15 March 2013 19:57

Hot Spring Hair and Beauty Trends

This article discusses hot hair and beauty tips for spring. Spring is known as a time of renewal. Flowers and trees bloom and everything starts to turn green again. Spring is a time when many clean out their homes, purge unwanted items and scrub away the dust and grime of winter. Others, however, view spring as a time for personal appearance changes in whether it is hair, clothes, makeup, etc.

According to Style Blazer, there are several trendy hair do’s that can revitalize your appearance just in time for the new season.For example, cropped hair and side swept bangs can be a versatile and fun look. The playfulness of the cut can be great for everyday wear, but can also be styled and accessorized for a fun evening out.

Additionally, long hair with wavy layers can actually help give the allusion of slimmer cheeks, Style Blazer said. And if you want to take the ultimate plunge and completely start fresh, chopping off your locks to create a short, spiky look can be a refreshing change of pace.

Elle Magazine suggested that ponytails with middle parts, textured waves, French twists and hair with minimal volume will also be popular this spring.

When it comes to makeup and other beauty products, Elle determined that red lips, Smokey brown eye shadow and winged eyeliner is destined to be a sensation.


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