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Diamond Clarity by Gemisimo

What are the imperfections affecting diamond clarity?A perfectly clear diamond (FL) is rare and expensive from a vast number of stones just a very small percentage are flawless, a great example can be seen in our diamond price comparison engine where you can easily notice that from our huge diamond database only a dozen are flawless (FL) diamonds and their prices are 20% higher from similar VVS loose diamonds. Most diamonds have imperfections;

these flaws can be present externally as blemishes or internally as inclusions within the diamond.

Inclusions can be in the form of minute spots of black, white and other colors or as colored and uncolored crystals. These are usually caused due to trace minerals in the stone from which the diamond is extracted.

Blemishes include the presence of scratches, cracks or pits on the surface of the diamond. While minute cracks may not cause any major problems, some cracks may cause the diamond to split.

Depending upon the various imperfections diamonds have, the GIA has devised various grades for determining the degree of clarity. These grades are given to diamonds based on the number of inclusions, position on the stone, composition and size. Using a magnification of 10X, diamonds are ranked with the following grades. Here are some examples from our online loose diamonds search results:

•· Flawless (FL) Diamonds

•· Internally Flawless (IF) Diamonds

•· Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1) Diamonds

•· VVS2 Diamonds

•· Very Slightly Included (VS1) Diamonds

•· VS2 Diamonds

•· Slightly Included (SI1) Diamonds

•· SI2 Diamonds

•· SI3 Diamonds

•· Included (I1) Diamonds

•· I2 Diamonds

•· I3 Diamonds

As the abbreviations explain the grading, FL comprises of flawless diamonds while IF comprises of diamonds that are flawless inside but have slight blemishes outside. VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds have minute inclusions that are difficult to detect even by experienced graders. VS1 and VS2 diamonds have minute inclusions too while SI1 and SI2 have noticeable inclusions. Finally the I1, I2 and I3 diamonds are those which have imperfections that can affect the brilliance and transparency of diamonds.

Modes for enhancing a diamond's clarity

Today various technologies have evolved for enhancing the clarity of diamonds. One example is laser drilling where lasers are used to drill out the internal spots and acid is used to wash them out. Cracks on diamonds can also be filled easily, but the treatments are considered temporary in nature. Ask for certification and if the details state that a diamond is ‘enhanced' then be sure to compare the price. Enhanced diamonds are treated diamonds and as a customer you have the right to ask which treatments have gone into enhancing the stone, for further info refer to our Diamond Enhancements article.

What diamonds buyers must look for!

A perfectly clear loose diamond is not only beautiful but highly expensive when buying. Moreover, in an era where synthetic diamonds are in fashion, imperfections only go on to tell that the diamond is original. While perfect clarity is not the main criteria to look for while buying diamonds, buyers must keep the following issues about diamond clarity in mind while purchasing.

Type of flaw: A large visible crack may cause the diamond to break and must be avoided. Similarly a large blemish may also cause the stone to look dull and lifeless. Consider the kind of flaw your diamond has before purchasing one. Ask for certified diamonds such as GIA certified diamonds or EGL certified diamonds.

Location of flaw: Consider where the flaw is located and how it affects the appearance of a diamond. Flaws are visible only when diamonds are put in a particular position and one must avoid that while setting the diamond in jewelry.  
Size of the flaw: Look for a diamond that appears clean to normal viewing. If the flaw is of a bigger size, it would be visible to the naked eye. Trends indicate that most diamond buyers opt for stones with VS1 and VS2 grading over perfectly flawless stones.

Number of flaws: Finally if a stone has a large number of flaws, it would reduce the brilliance. Thus look for a diamond with fewer flaws so the brilliance of the diamond can be appreciated.

So before you buy a diamond go and take a look at the certificate, the drawing of the diamond will show you exactly how serious are the imperfections even if you are not a diamonds pro, you can also send us a copy of the certificate and we will do our best to explain to you about your chosen stone.

Diamonds dug out of mines surprisingly, only 20% have clarity suitable for usage in jewelry. The rest 80% diamonds are put to industrial usage. Among the 20%, many have visible inclusions and very few are flawless. How ever negative the term inclusions or flaws may sound, they do have benefits. The price difference between a flawless stone and a VS stone is enormous and thus by buying a beautiful diamond that has slight inclusions that the naked eye cannot notice you save big. If you are still unsure whether the diamond you plan to buy is a high quality one or not, experts at gemisimo are there just to guide you through a buying process.


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