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Google Apps for Businesses

The below were some of the most prominent Google applications which have contributed to the increased productivity of businesses worldwide.Google is one of the most trusted names in the world mobile industry today. Google’s software is immensely popular among small and large enterprises of the world. Promoting a smooth and efficient flow of work, the Google apps have generated attention.

Listed below are few reasons why startups and established businesses should deploy Google mobile apps:

1. Streamlining internal communication – Gmail is one of the most efficient ways of communication known to organization workforce and individuals. Since Gmail is browser based and one does not have to install any software for utilizing its benefits, workers can remain connected to their mails and access or share anything from there without the need of Wi-Fi or internet connectivity (this is known as Gmail Offline). Installing the Gmail app ensures integration of chat features which leads to quick delivery of messages in real time; the threaded conversation feature on the other hand helps users to simplify the process of message exchange. In reality, Google’s Gmail app helps businesses to cut down its internal telephony system costs.

2. Syncing events and meetings – The Google calendar application has made it possible for employees of a business house to eliminate the possibility of a missed meeting or slip up in the project completion date. The syncing of meeting dates or the day of any other official event to the Google calendar app means that an employee will receive notifications of important announcements and upcoming events directly in his/her Gmail inbox. An advanced feature of the calendar app allows employees to use color codes for distinguishing between different tasks and be notified if there is a change from the original schedule.

3. Improving the quality of business collaboration and project management – The Google Docs app allows employees of a business unit to edit documents and also share them with the rest of the workforce without having to email an attachment of the same document to each worker. This Google application is extremely beneficial for businesses of all sizes and types because it reduces the risk involved in misplacing important documents which otherwise have to be distributed within the organization. Moreover, Google Docs makes sure that latest versions of files are available to the workforce immediately after they are updated.

4. Sharing details and knowledge about the organization and promoting its services – The Google Sites app is a software that provides tools for the creation of a basic site that will help a business unit to share details of its products and services with an extended audience base and thus promote its brand. Businesses can create both public domain sites and private internet hubs for the company and its employees respectively using the tools available under the Google Sites application. This leads to the creation of a site which is comparable to the wiki system, since it helps the business to organize all its files; therefore, presentations, calendarsArticle Submission, and all other important documents can now be stored in a central location.

The above were some of the most prominent Google applications which have contributed to the increased productivity of businesses worldwide. These apps have also made work for the business workforce easier by allowing them to concentrate upon business matters that require more attention in order to ensure mobility.

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