Tuesday, 16 April 2013 14:25

Colours so vivid that ferocious

Have you ever seen the computer picture so authentic that you confused it with reality? If not – we have fantastic brand-new thing for you – LG IPS UltraWide which will frighten you with its realistic view!
Why are we so sure? LG company decided to implement little test that proves quality of brand’s latest products from IPS series. UltraWide monitors were installed in men’s room and next in the appropriate moments women projections were screened on them. Women projections were looking at men in bathroom. Effect was amazing – action was so organised that put up a facade of reality, in this instance – venetian mirror. Why is it so important? It is unlimited room for manoeuvre for graphic designers who don’t have to worry about differences in computer and real colour anymore.
Colours so vivid that ferocious are not the only advantages of this monitor – new IPS UltraWide is the complete panoramic view thanks to its size: 21:9. What is more – thanks to 4 Screen-Split function you don’t have to struggle through hundreds files – you can screen them at the same time, you just have easy access to them.
Clearly we could tell that IPS 21:9 UltraWide is the monitor of tomorrow which let everyone enjoys more efficient work. You should check how good screen LG offers to you!

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