Tuesday, 12 August 2014 10:44

Even more capacity from LG!

What is the main drawback of refrigerators? Perhaps it is the fact, that not everything fits in them. Even the most capacious ones have a problem with accommodating our entire food supplies. Well, now it's the end of all that - the new fridges from LG have a way of storing any amount of food that you need.

LG refrigeratorThe innovative "door in door" design of the fridge with "Custom Chill" means that we really do have a lot of space to store food. The large capacity of the refrigerator, and the large number of drawers and shelves, which allow for the storage of all sorts of food, is something that will certainly appeal to anyone who has a large family. In addition, the "door in the door" allows you to store more food - all thanks to better insulation from the surroundings and low temperature maintainance.
An additional advantage of refrigerators from LG is having the Custom Chill feature. This is a versatile drawer, which gives you a lot of possibilities. Thanks to the ability to set the temperature in it, it can be used both as a freezer and as a normal refrigerator.
Are these all of the advantages of these refrigerators? No - it is worth noting that each of them is equipped with a unique Ice Slim SpacePlus system, which means that you will never have a problem with a lot of ice in the freezer. This allows you to fit more things on the shelf and in the door.
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