Friday, 19 April 2013 19:32

New sound quality in... a smartphone - HTC One.

Has it ever happened to you that when you were listening music or spoke to someone on loud speaker you could not hear very well? This was probably due to the fact that the traditional mobile speakers were originally placed on the back of the phone. Time to end it and try the new HTC One.
HTC One is more than just a phone. It is your whole world placed in a small device, equipped with many amazing features. The home screen is a collection of the most important applications that allow you to turn your phone into a sophisticated command centre.
Anyway, even if your point of interest will be on another screen, the main screen will appear if anything important happens. Thanks to this application, you will never miss out on anything important.
One of many other advantages of this phone is the amazing camera, the camera that not only does extremely good photographs, but also with an appropriate shooting mode, allows you to create unbelievable photo sessions. In addition to this, the phone is equipped with remarkable photograph changing tools and increased photosensitivity.
But the main advantage of this phone is the stereo speakers, which are based on the front of the phone. They are not just normal phone speakers- they have the power of professional speaker’s columns and amplifiers, confined in a little phone. You can start sharing your music with your friends from today, and trust us- you can do it very loud!
Do you need any more convincing? Try the new HTC One today and conquer the world with your smartphone.


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