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The efficacy of the LED light bulb

When LED lighting comes into common use the light bulbs will look even stranger than the coiled tubes of the compact fluorescents. LED bulbs are very small but give off a lot of light for their size. You have probably seen a flashlight with an LED bulb. It emits a slightly bluish glow that does an excellent job of lighting your path or working surface. When used in other applications, they are either clustered together or strung in a tube. Decorators are now beginning to incorporate them

into the decor of houses in a number of ways. By simply changing all the regular bulbs in your home, you can start to reap the rewards way ahead of many. The bulbs may seem a bit expensive at first, but you will soon see that your new bulbs will more than pay for them in the lowered energy bills you will receive, not to mention their long life durability. One attractive application is as recessed lighting in a ceiling. This type of lighting scheme uses the bulbs made up of a cluster of LEDs. When these are recessed into the ceiling of a room, they illuminate the room with a warm glow and no harsh glare. The color of this light is very similar to that of the incandescent bulbs. The other type of lighting arrangement that is popular these days is the rope lights that illuminate areas such as under or on top of the cabinets in the kitchen. This represents more of a mood lighting solution


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