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Thursday, 26 September 2013 11:12

Marine LED lights Enhancing Your Boating Experience

LED lights have shown a consistent growth and replaced all traditional lighting systems which are relatively less efficient in terms of cost and life span. They are not effective solutions for home or office only but also for boats as well.  Marine LED lights are powered to offer high power output without consuming much power. They are simply great if you need an

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As a new generation of energy saving LED tube light, although it has appeared for only a few years from the earliest to now, the rapid development witnessed the process of the product constantly improving and innovating.  The first generation LED Tube light  The shell of early (around 2005) led tube light is made of plastic, used F5 straw hat led lamp beads as lamp beads, the fiberglass board is used as circuit board, power supply is built-in non-isolated power supply,
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Friday, 07 June 2013 22:05

Comparing Samsung and Panasonic LED TVs

The LED televisions have been in a demand since it has been introduced in this generation generating more buyers from the past few years. A huge stock of such televisions is now flourishing the market, and as the demand increases, the supplies also keep on changing positively. The reason for the demand of such LED televisions is quite remarkable indeed. This is because that the LED TV features such quality and functions that the usual color televisions fail to present.
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Tuesday, 07 May 2013 19:44

The efficacy of the LED light bulb

When LED lighting comes into common use the light bulbs will look even stranger than the coiled tubes of the compact fluorescents. LED bulbs are very small but give off a lot of light for their size. You have probably seen a flashlight with an LED bulb. It emits a slightly bluish glow that does an excellent job of lighting your path or working surface. When used in other applications, they are either clustered together or strung in a tube. Decorators are now beginning to incorporate them
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