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When to Utilize Replacement Laptop Batteries

When someone is typing away on their unplugged laptop and notices a stark drop in running time, it is time to consider changing the laptop battery. Replacement laptop properties dictate that new batteries should be considered any time a person notices that their laptop battery is not holding up optimally, or will not hold a charge regardless of how long it was previously being charged. Of course, a completely dead battery is another good indicator that the time has

come to utilize replacement laptop batteries.

Once a laptop battery has been charged over 300 times, chances are it is time for a replacement. A battery’s cycle is the discharge and recharge pattern the laptop battery experiences during normal use. After around 300 cycles, the majority of lithium ion batteries will experience an estimated 20 percent drop in capacity. To determine the approximate number of times that one has charged their battery, simply estimate the number of times the laptop has been charged per week, and multiply that number by the approximate number of weeks the battery has been charged. If the estimate is greater than 300, replacement laptop batteries are in order.

Another way to determine the need for replacement batteries is if one’s current battery has been used for more than 18 months. Of course, most of the battery’s lifespan is determined by just how much the laptop is being used. However, users will probably begin to notice changes in the form of less dynamic performance after 18-to-24 months.

These days, most replacement laptop properties include a utility that can be used to indicate when replacement batteries are needed. Most of the time, it is located near the computer’s clock in the lower right corner of the screen. When the utility indicates that the battery is low, it is time to pop in a new one. Another telltale sign is when users charges their battery overnight, unplugs the computer and the computer shuts down right away -- this means that the battery is not holding a charge and should be replaced.

If individuals do not own the necessary utility, they can restart their computer and click whatever key launches the setup for BIOS. Clicking the F12 key can usually do this. The typist should see a cue at the top of the screen in the right-hand corner that tells them which key to press.

If the computer is experiencing any or all of these problems, there is no cause for panic. Replacement laptop batteries are relatively inexpensive and are readily available in most stores that sell computer supplies.


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