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Picking Between Godrej and Panasonic Air Conditioner

During the hottest temperature of the day, people need some reliable aspect to avoid the overheating of their body, and to gain an element of relaxation as well. While the technology has made a rapid growth in its field, the companies are taking a good advantage of it with enhancing their productions with greatest features of all time. The companies that manufacture the electronic appliances required for our daily life process are adapting some of the innovative ideas and

creative designs that will bring an account of comfort. The appliances with cooling capacity include refrigerator, coolers, ACs, and many more.

While the leading AC companies and manufacturers are presenting their productions to the people endowed with numerous features and function, a good competition is taking place. With such competitions, comparison is also being made between two or more brands of ACs. Each and every part of such appliances along with its features can be compared effectively. The well-known companies like Panasonic and Godrej can be placed into a proper consideration while comparing them.

Taking a particular model for each brand, for instance Panasonic 1 Ton – CS/CU-KC12PKY and Godrej 1.5 Tons – GSC 18 FP 2 WLZ, the comparison process will be enhanced for certain. Such are the rising ACs of 22nd advent, and tends to be the rising demand of people nowadays.

Panasonic AC is comprised with 3520 W cooling capacity which is the prominent feature that most of the people certainly look for. Another brightest feature comprised by the brand is Air Circulation feature which comes up with 11.2 m3/min. The moisture removal feature comes with 2 L/hr, and also contains Indoor and Outdoor Sound Level of 41 dB and 51 db at max respectively. Moreover, the power consumption of Panasonic AC is 1040 W along with 4.6 A cooling operating current.

Competing with this brand effectively, Godrej also presents its latest features and functions that will make the comparison process even better. Godrej AC comprises 5160 W cooling capacity which is far more enhancive than Panasonic. Apart from this feature, Godrej contains a Rotary compressor along with Dehumidifying and Cooing functions. It only comprises an Indoor Sound Level 37 dB at low and 43 dB at max. The Air Purifier and Dust Filters are also integrated in the AC of Godrej, and several other convenient features including Memory Function and On/Off Timer are also available in the AC.

Finally, Panasonic has received 5 Star Energy rating, whereas Godrej has just received 2 Stars. Certainly with such differentiation, it will not be difficult in making a proper selection. Panasonic is comparatively stronger than Godrej regarding functions and performance issues. Panasonic AC has been advanced with the brightest features and functions that cannot be found in Godrej for sure.


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