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Choosing The Right PS3 Bluetooth Gaming Headset

Your PS3 will accept any Bluetooth headset so with the range of products available, choosing one can be quite tricky. The advantage of a non-wired headset is obvious; you gain freedom of movement and convenience. There are a wide range of features on different wireless headsets and you have to be realistic about the quality you can expect for the price tag. Let's look at ways you can pick the right headset for your needs.  On A Budget? You can buy Bluetooth headsets

from ebay starting at as little as $15. These have only one ear piece so are mono not stereo, but they do give 8 hours of use on a charge and you get quite good voice quality on the boom microphone. These headsets can make you feel a little like a call-center operator but they are comfortable for longer multiplayer gaming sessions and do pair with any other Bluetooth device.

Why Not Use Your Phone's Bluetooth Headset?

There can be many reasons why you don't want the official Sony wireless headset. At $100, the advantage is that you get simulated surround sound in stereo but the downside is that they are wireless, not Bluetooth, so you can't use them with your phone. If you already have a monaural Bluetooth headset for your phone, why spend more? Your PS3 will accept it and you can be up and gaming in no time. Something like a Plantronics Gamecom P90 can be picked up online for around $60 and will be great for your phone, computer or PS3.

For The Ultimate Sound

If you want to experience the full surround-sound glory of your favourite games, you'll be dissatisfied with monaural headsets and want to move towards stereo ones. At around $80, the official Sony headsets are of reasonable quality for the price; the simulated 7.1 surround sound will be enough for most people. You only get the on-screen status info about battery life when using them with a PS3 however. Logitech G930s retail at around $100 and provide noticeable better 7.1 surround sound.

For Multitasking

If you can afford $250 for a pair of Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510s, you'll take your gaming experience to the limit. They have a dongle that you fit into the PS3 controller and give markedly better voice quality than other headsets. They are extremely comfortable for longer gaming sessions and the battery lasts up to 15 hours. Where they really come into their own is that you can take calls and stream music without having to leave the game. Higher-end headphones give you better sound quality than the Sony headset and improved voice quality.

Long-Term Comfort

Monaural headsets are lighter and more comfortable for longer gaming. Over time, these sets may become your favourite as they are so easy to use and versatile. It's great to be able to move between your PS3 and latop by quickly pairing them instead of having to swap over USB dongles that come with over-ear headsets. Monaural headsets pair quickly with any Bluetooth device and this can be a real plus.


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