Tuesday, 04 June 2013 18:43

Get The Most Out Of Your PS3 With Wireless Headphones

If you aren't using headphones when playing on your PS3, it's likely that you're missing out. Even if you're just listening to music on your PS3, it's great to be able to walk around your home without having to stop. While most gamers dwell upon the graphics, developers spend just as much money on the game's audio. With most of your favourite games being designed for surround sound audio, one of the best ways to enjoy this is with wireless headphones. Bargain Basement

You can jump right into playing your PS3 with Bluetooth headsets from around $15 on ebay. These basic sets have good boom micas and only one earphone so they give you mono instead of stereo. They are fine for multiplayer gaming, they'll give you 8-hours talk time, recharge with a USB lead right from your PS3 and you can use them with your Bluetooth phone as well.

Don't Miss A Thing

The reason to invest in better headsets is that even if you have a good surround sound system, you still might miss all the subtle audio clues in some games. With physical speakers, your seating position is quite important and it can be hard to balance the audio so that you hear all the sound clearly and at the right volume. The official Sony wireless stereo headset retails at around $80 and gives you 8 hours of surround sound on a single charge, letting you hear everything the game developers intended you to.

Choose Versatility

The official Sony headset gives you intuitive, fast access to the volume control and microphone mute simply by tapping or sliding your finger on the headset. You can also retract the micas if you just want to listen to watch a move or listen to music. It also gives you updates on the screen about remaining battery and sound levels, but only if you are using them with a PS3. The downside is that they use a USB wireless adaptor, not Bluetooth.

Comfort For Long Gaming Sessions

Its hard to make a direct comparison between over-ear and mono headsets. In-ear mono Bluetooth headsets like the Plantronics GameCom P90 are much cheaper than the official Sony sets at around $60 online but obviously don't give you the same surround sound quality. Muting the microphone or adjusting the volume is just as easy but the deal-breaker is that sets like the P90 are actually more comfortable for longer playing sessions as they are lighter and hook around your ear. Being Bluetooth, the P90 can be used with your PC or mobile phone and are more practical for long multiplayer games as they don't have the weight or 'squeeze' of mid-range over-ear headsets.

Pushing The Boat Out

To really get the maximum out of your PS3 you'll have to shell out at least $250 for a pair of Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510s. Unlike the official Sony set, these are Bluetooth and will give you 15 hours on a single charge with any Bluetooth phone, tablet or computer. What you're paying for with these headsets is comfort, quality and convenience. You plug a Bluetooth dongle into the PS3 handset and get crystal-clear voice quality but you can also stream music and answer calls without leaving your game which isn't possible with many other headsets.


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