Wednesday, 03 July 2013 18:30

Do's & Don'ts of Marketing your business on LinkedIn

65% of B2B companies and 51% of B2C companies’ claim that they have managed to acquire a sale from LinkedIn according to the latest research statistics. Further research reads that 61% of LinkedIn users use it as their primary professional networking sites. We give to you a reference guide that will help you market your business and build an effective network on this professional social media site.  The Top do’s: Search & Join your industry specific groups:

As simple as it gets, LinkedIn functions mainly on two parameters:

o The strength of your profile o Your reputation

Start by joining a relevant industry group or start one of your own. Being active in these groups enables your fellow group members to look up to you as an expert as well as encourage others to contact you about potential business opportunities.

Gather Recommendations: Recommendations have the reputation of speaking volumes about you, your personality and your work background or profile. Get a hold on all your trusted colleagues, ex- colleagues, and former employers and have them contribute recommendations for your page.

Search Engine Optimization:

Another way to upgrade your business is to optimize your page with your industry specific keywords. This will give your business a higher possibility to get ranked among the top few search results. Also, remember to fill out all the fields. Always remember, the more complete your profile is, the higher are the chances of you appearing in the top results.

Update your status often:

Just like any social media page, keeping your LinkedIn account updated and in- the- loop is essential. Ensure to be active by posting interesting business updates or by providing links to your industry specific articles or even your blog for that matter.

The Top Don’ts

Avoid Selling to your group:

No matter which group you are a part of, make sure you do not sell your business on that group. Being too self-focused on such groups could backfire and have you removed from that group. Instead, you should add more value to the group by imparting your acquired knowledge; this will definitely pay off at one point of time.

Don’t connect with everyone:

Yes, LinkedIn is a social media site that requires you to connect with people you share your field of profession with, yet it is not known to many that LinkedIn mainly focuses on quality rather than quantity. Link and connect your business with those who you think might be a good source for the future. This step is extremely essential for B2B marketers.

Don’t forget to use your network:

Having built your network of connections with all the relevant people you have managed to come across in your profession, remember to use it! Use your valuable networks smartly and keep an eye out to check if you’re connected to any of their employees, from finding an investor or even to have a professional background check on your future employees.