Monday, 18 August 2014 13:05

An amazing idea to recharge your phone!

A smartphone is a gadget that replaces a lot of equipment for us – the camera, palmtop, voice recorder, MP3 player, games console. However, it has one basic flaw - when we use it quite extensively, it can often lead to a situation where our battery simply goes flat. And that is not a very nice situation to be in when far from home. Fortunately, we have Koodo.

Throughout August and September you won’t have to worry about whether your battery will die somewhere in the city. Why? Because Koodo has just released its first walking charger for a test run. What do we mean by "walking"? Well ... these are people dressed up in appropriate costumes from the company Koodo, with cables hanging out of them that allow you to hook yourself up for charging. You do not have to pay for it, in fact, you do not have to do anything. Just hook up and charge your phone!
Currently, the number of such mobile chargers is limited. You can check out where to find them by clicking on the video. Then you will see the webpage on which it is written when and exactly where the mobile charger will be.
Up to three people can simultaneously use one mobile charger. And you do not have to stand in one place - after all, the Koodo charger is a living person with whom you can even go for a short walk.
Check today, where you can find the chargers!

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