Friday, 24 February 2017 14:50

Super cameras from TomTom

If you like to record original movies, if you love extreme situations and the only thing that scares you is video editing - we have something for you! Original and highly imaginative TomTom Bandit cameras that will make recording easier! But in what way?

TomTom has prepared for its customers a unique range of cameras that will perform well literally in all situations and conditions. The list of their advantages begins with the built-in media server, thanks to which we can immediately edit our clips, without having to transfer them.

The TomTom Bandit Action Camera is also equipped with a built-in GPS transmitter and motion sensors, and even a heart rate monitor. Thanks to this solution, you no longer have to take tons of equipment with you - just one clever device that replaces all the others. TomTom cameras work great with smartphones – using specific applications we can easily edit videos or upload them to a server.

What else should pay attention to? Certainly the wide-angle 16MP lens with a CCD sensor and a very powerful processor.

Are these devices really so great? It’s best shown in the clip below, see for yourself!