Monday, 27 February 2017 08:08

Maytag for athletes

Whether you jog, play basketball or hockey, you certainly need a few sports outfits. Even if you're just an amateur, you know that you need a few sets of clothes for training. And what about the professionals? 

Imagine that soon you’re going to be taking part in a very important sports event. You enhance your workouts, every day you give it your all. Each day you use up at least one set of training clothes, and for the competition you need at least two. In the end, all of them end up in the laundry. Wouldn’t you feel embarrassed if there was a large stain on your shirt?

Understanding the needs of athletes, Maytag decided to create unique washers and dryers that can handle even the toughest tasks. Washing stains from grass, earth, or even blood, is a piece of cake for them. Because Maytag like no one else understands that the only thing that counts for an athlete before a competition is getting prepared as best as possible. It’s not the time to worry about dirty clothes or socks. That's why the company decided to create a machine that can handle virtually any kind of dirt.

Do you find it hard to believe? Check out the video, in which Maytag washing machines cope with the most persistent stains!