Tuesday, 02 February 2021 13:01

Why is good quality equipment crucial for a profitable mushroom farm?

mushroom farm’s equipment mushroom farm’s equipment Source:unsplash.com Licencja: https://unsplash.com/license

Making a mushroom farm profitable requires, among other things, acquiring high quality equipment. Without it, it’s impossible to achieve satisfactory productivity – a lot of tasks will simply take more time and be much less efficient.

Which pieces of equipment are the most important and how do they affect the farm’s profitability?

Mushroom picking lorries

Fast and safe picking is key for a mushroom farm’s smooth and efficient operation. Thanks to good quality, well designed picking lorries you can pick more, in less amount of time, without compromising employees’ safety.

Mushroom farm lamps

Ordinary lamps simply cannot be used on a mushroom farm, as they do not meet the necessary waterproofing requirement (IP68). It’s an issue due to the fact that in such farms disinfection is usually performed through room evaporation, which has a negative impact on run-of-the-mill lamps. Special lamps, which meet the waterproofing requirement, are simply a must-have.

Mushroom growing shelving

Any part of mushroom farm’s equipment that needs to be constantly replaced is troublesome and replacing it takes up too much of employees’ time over the years.  That’s why it’s important to choose best shelving possibly, preferably one made of aluminum, as it’s a good material for such usage. Not only does it not corrode, but it’s also useful in regards to making sure that there’s sufficient light diffusion in the growing rooms.

Growing nets

Durable, well made growing nets can serve for many years without an issue. They are used for first pulling the substrate onto the selves, and then, after usage, pulling it out. Such mats are a necessary component for running a profitable mushroom farm, so it’s important to choose ones that don’t narrow down after some time and are still in excellent condition even after extensive usage.

Mushroom scales

Cheap scales can break easily and are not reliable. Therefore, it’s best to invest in a high-quality mushroom scale, which ensures we will be able to use it for many years to come without any problems. It’s worth to note that more expensive, but at the same time also more durable mushroom scales come with a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Mushroom farm climate control

Efficient mushroom farm climate control system will allow you to save money in the long run, as it can allow you to save on such expenses as heating and ventilation. What’s even more important, thanks to such system you gain considerable amount of control over each stage of mushrooms’ growth, which ensures better harvest and higher quality of the crop.

Mushroom picking knives

Mushroom picking knives need to, above all, have a long service life. As such, they cannot dull quickly, as it severely brings down their efficiency and can only frustrate the employees. Good knives can withstand long and frequent usage, so they are the best choice for a mushroom farm.

Watering system

To guarantee homogeneity of the yield, it’s necessary to use advanced, high quality watering system. Such system also saves employees’ time, as it is controlled automatically and doesn’t need any input from the workers. It’s even possible to control it completely remotely, right from a smartphone screen.

Growing tunnel covers

Long service life and exceptional durability are very important for growing tunnel covers. Any holes in the material would compromise the harvest, so they simply cannot appear. The right covering be used for more than a decade, retaining their full protective qualities for the entire time.

If you want to run a profitable mushroom farm, it’s crucial to invest in good quality equipment. It allows for more automation, thus allowing to save on labor costs, and also ensures higher yields. Maximum efficiency of the farm can be achieved thanks to high quality equipment from GROWTIME, a manufacturer distinguished by its experience and attention to detail.