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10 Ideas How to Avoid Acne Causing Bacteria

Everyone one time in their life or another suffers from a pimple or acne breakout. We examine these instances and try to find the root of what causes these instances. Throughout the years researchers have identified many causing and triggers that cause these blemishes. This article discusses and focuses on 10 ways to avoid acne bacteria through common sources in our day. Acne causing bacteria tends to buildup if we don't change our pillow cases frequently.

Pillows absorb a lot of the worst of our face bacteria through the course of a night and gets progressively worse each night. When we don't wash our face before bed it makes the oils that get picked up by your pillow worse. Overall, pillows spread unwanted oils and bacteria without us knowing.

2.) Towels

When we use towels frequently that only serves to spread the acne bacteria we washed off in the past. A new face towel should be used every time you wash your face or shower.

Also, when you dry your face with a towel you should dab your face and not rub. When you dab your face you can pull of bacteria. When you rub your face you only serve to spread acne bacteria and irritate blemishes. This is a tip many people don't take into account.

3.) Hats and Headbands

Hats are worn frequently but not washed as frequently as recommended. They in turn make our hair more oiling and pick up hair/face oils. When we don't wash our hats or head apparel as frequently as possible we just accumulate oils and acne causing bacteria on the apparel. The same goes for headbands.

4.) Earphones, Headphones

Headphones and earphones are another accessory that are usually not as clean as suppose to. A simple sanitizing of these devices can prevent acne bacteria to spread to the ear, inside the ear, and the surrounding area. Just keep this in mind for frequently used head/ear accessories.

5.) Glasses and Sunglasses

Not everyone wears glasses or sunglasses. This is just a note that the frames of the glasses and sunglasses can pick up unwanted bacteria over time. This is just to recommend to clean your glasses and sunglasses more often to prevent the unwanted spread of acne causing bacteria.
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6.) Hair

Most people wash their hair frequently but should keep in mind that hair brushing over the forehead can cause acne. Also, long hair over the face can cause acne and spread oils to other parts of the face. Hair tied back or in a way to not obstruct the face is the best way to stop hair from spreading acne causing bacteria.

7.) Cellphones

The cellphone tends to pick up acne causing bacteria when frequently placed against our ear and face. This can cause acne to re-occur in the same spot that is pressed against by the cellphone. One simple solution is by washing the screen and keys with a damp towel. Just make sure not to damage the inputs/wiring inside with water.

8.) Keyboards

Keyboards pick up all the bacteria and germs from our hands but are rarely taken into account for containing acne causing bacteria. All the oils our hands pick up are then transferred to our keyboards and accumulate over time. It's especially worse if it's a shared computer or a computer lab computer.

Not many keyboards are cleaned as often as they should be because most people would never consider a computer keyboard as a place that contains acne causing bacteria. Keep that in mind for future uses.

9.) Tight Clothing

This does not result in acne causing bacteria but puts strain on acne on the back and other areas on the body. Tight clothing has been known to increase to spread and put pressure on troubled areas. The best solution is to wear loose-fitting shirt and pants to reduce this problem.

10.) Makeup (Women) and Facial Hair (Men)

Not all makeup can cause and produce acne but some oily makeups can increase acne production. All you need to do is find a non oily makeup and only use it sparingly.

For Men facial hair can absorb a lot of oils and unwanted bacteria. Sometimes washing your face does not remove all the unwanted oils that facial hair picks up throughout the course of the day. By shaving frequently we can reduce the oils stored on the facial hair.



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