Thursday, 13 April 2023 09:56

What Is Wave Booking?

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Wave booking is a method of scheduling appointments that divides patients into "waves" and sees them in their ordered arrival. This approach allows patients to be seen quickly and efficiently, helping reduce patient and physician frustration as all patients can be seen simultaneously.

Clinics may opt for time-specified scheduling, which assigns patients to a particular day and time. While this method works well for scheduling routine appointments, it may not be ideal in cases of urgent needs that need attention right away.

Another option is using wave scheduling, which enables a medical assistant to see three or four patients every half-hour and then move them onto another appointment. This approach works well for urgent visits like sick patients who must be seen before the end of the day.

Some offices opt for modified wave scheduling, a variation of time-specified scheduling that requires doctors and staff to book all appointments during the first half hour and keep the second half-hour open for walk-in patients or those needing urgent care.

A medical practice may opt for double booking, which is similar to wave scheduling but with patients assigned specific times for their appointments. This method helps reduce wait times and ensure patients don't arrive late or miss their appointment entirely - potentially impacting the clinic's profitability.

Many medical practices employ a combination of scheduling methods to guarantee enough time for all their patients while still providing an uncompromised level of service. Some offices even allow established patients to request appointments online or call the office and be given a specific time.

Other practices employ a cluster booking system, where all patients in the practice are scheduled together. This can be especially advantageous when there is an abundance of people visiting the practice and it becomes difficult to prioritize them.

With this type of booking, the doctor will select a time that is most convenient for their patient and then set up appointments accordingly. This allows them to see multiple patients simultaneously while still providing top-notch service to all.

It is essential to be aware that this method of scheduling can take more time than other options and require extensive training for new employees. Furthermore, it may not be suitable in all circumstances, such as when a large number of walk-ins need to be seen.

When selecting a scheduling system for your practice, it is essential to take into account how busy you are and the types of patients typically seen. Making the right choice will increase patient satisfaction, reduce waiting time for urgent care patients, and boost clinic efficiency overall.

In addition to an effective schedule, it's essential to follow up with your patients to guarantee they receive the necessary care and that all of their needs have been met. Doing this will encourage them to return again and refer their friends and family members to your practice.