Sunday, 23 June 2013 21:48

Choosing The Right Elder Care For Your Senior Loved One

Our population is aging like never before. Between the baby boomer retirements and advanced medical technologies, we are seeing a larger population of 70, 80 and even 90 somethings than ever before. With so many Americans entering their golden years, the need for elder care is greater than it has ever been. So with the increased need for senior care, the question becomes which type is best for your family. Nursing/Assisted Living Facilities Nursing homes are a
traditional option that has been used for several decades in the U.S. The quality of the care is adequate, and the newer assisted living facilities are built with nicer amenities than in the past. But there are some downsides to this option. The first is cost. Placing your aging family member in a nursing home is the most expensive elder care option. In many cases, the cost for this type of care can drain all your assets in just a short period of time. Another issue is the quality of life enjoyed while inside a nursing home. While seniors may enjoy bonding with others in the same age group, they often miss the home they once lived in, and they often become lonely within a nursing facility.

DIY Caregiving

If you have a family member that is qualified and has the available time to administer the elder care treatments, then this option is clearly the most affordable. The problem of course is finding someone in the family that meets this criteria. Often times, there may be a nurse or medical professional in the family, but it is often difficult to find the available time for a caregiving commitment. However, if there is someone within the family that can take on this role, this would be a good option to keep your senior loved one at home.

In Home Senior Care

In recent years, in home care agencies are becoming a more popular choice. Hiring an in home senior care agency can address many of the challenges with the other options. First of all, your loved one is able to stay at home and enjoy the quality of life they deserve, without the stress of packing up and moving to a nursing facility wherein they are unfamiliar. Second, the elderly caregiver is able to deliver better quality, one on one care that is tailored around the needs of the patient. This is difficult to accomplish within a nursing home. Third, an in home senior caregiver can relieve the burden of having to find a family member to administer the necessary treatments. Your family can rest easy knowing your senior loved one is in good hands and in the comfort of their own home. Finally, while in home care is obviously more costly than doing it yourself, it is far less expensive than a nursing home. Because there is no overhead to maintain a large facility, the in home elder care agency is able to pass the savings along to their clients.