Thursday, 04 July 2013 21:42

Electronic Products Devices That Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking has been proved lethal because of its contents such as nicotine and other harmful chemicals. It has been causing serious health injuries to the people. Since people have come to realize the harmful effects of smoking, they have been trying to quit it. However because of the addiction that one gets from it, it becomes very difficult for them to do so. In this regard companies have been trying to innovate and manufacture various smoking cessation things for many
decades now. Nicotine patches, smokeless cigarettes, e-cigarettes and so on have been used and are being used by them.

Electronic cigarette products have become very popular. These are also known as e-cigarettes. These electronic cigarette products are designed to look and feel just like the normal ones. Some of these are smokeless while some emit artificial smoke to give a feel that the person is actually smoking. In these the content of nicotine is very less and it contains none of the carcinogens that are present in the tobacco smoke. The users simply inhale the nicotine vapor which is very less harmful for the smoker and also for people around him.

These consists of a cartridge containing liquid nicotine and when the user inhales it, the atomizer which is powered by a tiny battery turns a very minute quantity of liquid into vapor that the person inhales. In case of patches or gums, the nicotine hit takes minutes while in case of these the hit is made in seconds. When the person is inhaling, the small orange LED light on the cigarette tip glow which gives it a real life cigarette simulation.

The cartridges used in these are available in varying strengths. Some common versions are full strength, minimal strength and half strength. These are designed in such a manner that the person can slowly come down with the nicotine content and stop smoking. As the person starts using these and gets used to it, the person can slowly reduce the strength and finally might even stop smoking at all.

Against patches and gums, there are many benefits on offer. Firstly, the nicotine hits much faster in the case of e cigarettes. Another reason is that these fail to provide a real simulation of actual smoking.

On the financial front, these are economical too. The cost is much less in the long run. The initial investment although may be high in these, however, in the long run these prove to be very cost effective.

Along with proper products, there are cheap imitations that have come up in the market. Be aware of these and go for actual products. The electronic cigarettes have become extremely popular today and more and more people are opting for it.

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