The idea behind the writing workshop goes back a long way, and has a modern incarnation in the form of the current fad for ‘brainstorming’ that corporations use to gain a breakthrough in ideas. The writing workshop is a way of getting writers to develop their skills and ideas, and to work with other writers to help the creative juices flow. But does it work, and why should you try one?

One way to build your business is to create interest and interaction with potential customers or clients. Offering a workshop or a seminar is a great way to get started. You can offer a workshop anywhere, but the best place to get started is by contacting your local adult education or community center.

When attaching wire to a clasp for your newly made necklace, the most common method is crimping, which is a small metal tube and a crimping tool. Below are 5 steps to walk you through the process.

Charms truly define a person and personality. They speak volumes about the interests and likes of an individual. For instance, people who love music usually like to wear musical instrument charms, such as a piano or guitar. There are several charm themes to define your personality and likings for love, sports, astrology, mythology, music and others.

If you cannot get away from your phone, your friends are having to force you away from Facebook or you're addicted to Twitter, then we have something for you! TELUS has decided to implement an interesting campaign for the upcoming Christmas period. So what is it all about?

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