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The Best Way To Meet Your Partner For Life

The lessons of numerology compatibility can give us with information that will aid us in cultivating one of the most important facets of our lives, the cultivation and enhancement of our relationships. And not only the relationships with our chosen life partners, but also with our family, friends and work acquaintances. There are 4 chief numerological numbers that are evaluated in a reading: the life path, life expression, soul motivation and karmic number. If you want to build up a full

understanding of yourself and a deep,rewarding and dynamic relationship you must use the information provided by all of these numbers; as each will give you valuable insight into the multi-dimensional domain of the human psyche. In addition, these numbers and their meanings influence each other in the moldingof your experiences.

 Let's take a more in-depth look at each of these numbers and how they may be used in shaping your relationships.
The life path number: This number, the sum of your full birth date, gives you an insight into the scope of your aptitudes and inhibiting traits at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, when you are born. These may have controlled your passage through life and have brought to where you are today. These same persuasive tendencies may continue to have an effect on your future depending on how you use the particular positive and negative aspects of them. Bear in mind that these aptitudes and limitations will have been modified by the remaining three numbers and their effects. In respect of relationships, the persuasive tendencies of your life path number can be realized from both a point of view that you and your partner are moving along your life paths in a similar manner and also in a complimentary manner in which you both help out each other to rise above your restricting influences. Therefore the effect of having the life path reading and working with each other, using it to enhance each other's development, is very gratifying to you; both from an individual standpoint and at the relationship level.

 The life expression number: Worked out by summing the numerical values assigned to the letters of your full birth name, the life expression number informs you of the talents and personal powers you will have available to you during your life, and tells you about the best version of you that you could accomplish in your lifetime. Becoming aware of the things revealed by your life expression reading could evoke underlying


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