Friday, 31 May 2013 16:07

Change a boring Monday into a Fun Day!

Let's be honest- none of us like Mondays,as all they mean is the beginning of next week,boring week, which forces us to go back to grey reality. Mondays are also closely associated with the duties and responsibilities that simply make us
want to go to bed and cover our head with as many pillows as possible, just to forget the upcoming days.  But don't worry! The Stimorol company has came up with an idea that will change your Mondays into something that you will be looking forward too!

Fun Double is a new product of Stimorol, which is designed to change your boring and grey Mondays into something that is much more colourful and positive!
Although in reality it may not be as brilliant as it advertised, the new product of Stimorol will change your Mondays in a very positive way!

Just imagine that one small chewing gum could positively hit your taste buds and your imagination. The harmony of taste that this chewing gum has is all you need for a bit of fun on a boring Monday! If you don't believe me- try it yourself and see how you are feeling!

Are you feeling adventurous, or maybe your head is full of fresh ideas? Perhaps you feel the desire to relax and recharge your batteries? Well, all of these feelings are possible!

Take the challenge today and try the latest Fun Double by Stimorol and see how something as little as chewing gum can change your boring and grey Monday! The chewing gum which will also change the dull and monotonous work into something much more interesting!

Plus remember, once you try it- you will never want to go back to any of the ordinary chewing gums.

Feel the taste for adventure - try the new Fun Double and just have fun.

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