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Video Editor From Aimersoft Offers Split & Merge Functions For Easy Access To Video Files

The evolution of the internet came as a revolution in the entertainment world acting as an enormous source of entertainment videos, movies and other media. Users can download files from the internet and can view them on their computer, laptop or any other media playback device capable of playing videos. Sometimes, the downloaded video or movie files are split up

into multiple parts to reduce the size of individual files that can be uploaded easily. But after downloading, it might cause a trouble viewing the movie, since the split parts might not work properly, so you should opt for a permanent solution to this problem. Professionals at Aimersoft have developed a software, Video Editor that is capable of splitting and merging video files in an easy manner. This tool can be used by both novice and professional users to edit the videos in a manner, so as to meet the desired requirements. To know more about this tool and how can you join video files with it, do follow the link at

Aimersoft Video Joiner

Video Editor from Aimersoft is the best video software available for joining videos to get a high quality result as an output. The video joiner tool is a part of different tools combined in a single software suite, where Video Editor is made of three different tools, which are video joiner, video cutter and video splitter. All the tools provided in this software provide the best results on an individual level, which when combined, tend to make the most preferred video editing software. This software has a capability of joining multiple files into a single video file that can be saved with any extension of the choice of the user. On the other hand, user can split a large sized video file into small chunks that can be easily uploaded or shared with other internet or non internet users.

Ease of Access

With this software, user can easily trim, split or join any video files. With a simple and user friendly user interface, even a new user can understand the software without any difficulty. For a support, the company has provided both online and offline guides to the users looking for support related to the editing of the video files using this software. For instance, you can view the guide for editing AVI video files on a Mac operating system based system by following the link

This tool is available for both windows and Mac OS users, thus serving a large customer base. Other factors that add to the convenience of editing include a descriptive progress bar, which displays different parameters like time remaining, percent completed and others. This bar also displays different options like the one for automatically turning off the system after the task is finished and others.

The software runs smoothly without any lag, while there are a few basic requirements that must be met for the software to function properly. The requirements of this software are given below.

The clock frequency of the processor must be at least 1GHz.
The RAM installed in the system should be more than 128 MB, while a 256 MB RAM is recommended.
Any VGA graphic card. John Warner

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